Saturday, March 14, 2009

Well here we go, Ive been sort of wrestling with this having a blog idea, wondering if it's a good use of my time. But I decided maybe someone out there may be interested in what I have to say.
Being a mother of five amazing children has me quite busy these days. I love them and wouldn't trade them for a life with all those so called freedoms others have with less or no children. God put on my heart when I was young that I wanted to have lots of children and grow up and army to change the world. So after coming to know God and His word I found it quite easy to follow through with those desires. I pray most days that I am indeed growing an army to change the world and not growing up menaces to society.

Time has run out I have to turn the oven on and bake bread and buns for tomorrow now if I'm ever expecting to get to bed a a decent time tonight. Shalom xo

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