Monday, June 14, 2010

So God got me off the couch today, I feel so much better.
I thought that my first trimester was going to be a dark hole.
I wasn't able to get my house work, yard work, gardening... really the smallest task was a huge challenge.
God set me free and today I spent most of it outside. Lunch and supper were served outside and even a little sitting around the fire after all the work was over.
We planted, cleaned, my husband tilled the garden, started to build a shed and the children picked up loose bits that had made there way across the yard.
I feel alive again, and the sun was shining!
My husband and I even get to go on an early 10th anniversary outing.
we are going on a canoe trip for the weekend... you can't do that here in December, so we will celebrate early.
(I will also be 8 months with babe by then)

I cleaned out the front garden and finished the planting.

We put the chickens in the chicken tractor, one got away on us, but after some time running after it through the bushes, a friend came over and suggested a fishing net.....
My husband caught her in half a minute.
One was just to chicken to come out of her cozy pen.
They seemed to have enjoyed it. They didn't fight to go back into there pens either.
Great chicken day.

Kevin tilled the garden, hopefully now i can get some planting done now that its dry.(dryer!)

Kevin dug up the rhubarb, so that it could be moved to the big garden.
Some of the children all sat around a large bowl chopping up the cut down part of the rhubarb.

Kevin stopped at the greenhouse and picked up some Impatients.
I planted them under the Kitchen window so we could all see them.

Mabelle and Aoife sharing a bowl of peanuts relaxing on the swing.

My hard working husband, working on his shed.
For the final picture and caption, I'm adding this beautiful Iris, God is so good!
I will rejoice and be glad that He is King!