Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We've been back for a while now but haven't had a chance to sit down.
The canoe trip was wonderful, just Kevin and I, a tent, a cooler of yummy food ie. brie, smoked white fish, tomatoes, a baguette, fruit, etc. some cards, fishing supplies, a hassock (a camping potty), some earring making supplies and it all fit into our wonderful canoe.
We are lacking in pictures because the extra camera batteries went missing, I still haven't found them.

Kevin taking the canoe off the van.

The scenery.

Me in the front taking it all in.

More recently........

I've started to sell bread in town, so every second day I spend 5 hours making bread.
The business has pulled me away from family and housework, I've consulted my Husband and he has encouraged me to keep at it.
So now God I lift it all up to you, you know my struggles and my fears, please hold me up in this time. I find myself lost most days between who I was and who God is refining me to be. This does actually feel like a desert in the mist of war sometimes, I know what the truth is but somehow it doesn't penetrate. I don't ask why, I just say help.