Saturday, March 21, 2009

There they are my wonderful babes. We actually spent the day in the city yesterday and we didn't have chaos. Thank you Jesus, we made it through the day I think we have taken a big step for our family. Today is a quiet day everyone is relaxing the younger ones are napping and here I sit adding a post to my blog to relax well the reason is that I'm slowly making my way to do a massive used curriculum search on the Internet so I threw on a sermon to listen to and fell into my personal thoughts. Baby just woke up, I went to pick her up and glanced at the thermostat in the kitchen window, +12? I'm now wondering what I'm doing in the house. Winter is officially over, my tomatoes seeds have sprouted in the window. I'm looking forward to growing this year, not just my garden but also maturity and spiritually. With five children maturity sort of comes more naturally than spiritual growth.

I've made some choices in life that have brought me to were I am today. I have also came to know that with Jesus those consequences can be used for good. When I was younger I had a desire to have many children and grow up an army to change the world. I feel that with the strength that only God can give I know that, that army will be of use to change the world.
Step by step, I an learning to be a good,Wife, Mom,and daughter of God. until next time...

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