Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Family night

Aoife, enjoying her plain apple
Father and son
The girls

We at the McQuade house had a wonderful Family night. We had a cook off..Theme.. Pioneer food. Zebadiah and Mabelle made Saskatoon pudding, Sarah and I made chicken pie and Zeb also made biscuits, Desirae made candy apples and Dad was the judge, so was Aoife she seemed to eat it all up.. Aoife had a plain apple(in case you were wondering). We all passed our test for deliciousness, visual appeal and well we don't really know when candy apples started up but we all thought they were a great treat.
It was fun a night, God is so good to give us family.
Kevin and I went out on a date today, we had brunch together (no children) at the League for life Respect life week fund raiser. It was so encouraging. Micheal Coran was a great speeker and wise man of faith. If not for families none of us would be here. We even became members, and bought our children souvenir valentines gifts. They all are recieveing pins that have 10 week (in utero) old feet or hands. Takes you breath away.....

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