Thursday, August 27, 2009

This has been an interesting summer. It has felt like spring and fall the whole time. As for provisions God has supplied in abundance. The garden is amazing despite all the rain. The children have started to settle down just in time for our regular routine to return. God has revealed Himself to me once again over the past couple of weeks, He is in control and the more you go against that, the larger the distance you create between you. His grace is sufficient. Over and over and over again. We are looking forward to going to the festival this year. Soak up some music and love.
Nothing can stop you ~ Karla Adolphe and Ben Pasley

V1. Great are you, Lord, I do not have words to express All you have done for me Generations have come, In there wisdom they call you their God. Your love has no limits I sing...
CH. Lord you are perfect in all of your ways your not easily angered you make no mistakes no nothing can stop you nothing can stand in your way.
V2 You hear me cry, you catch every tear from my eyes And you watch over my life.
You're building a city, not made with the power of men I know that I'm safe and sound... so now I sing

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